The Project

Genders Alvarez Decidue is a law firm with deep roots in Tampa Bay.  The firm required a corporate identity that matched their reputation in the community.

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What We Created

  • Custom Logo, Business Cards, Letterhead, Folder
  • Responsive Website Design and Development
  • Responsive Mobile App Design and Development
  • Custom Greeting Card and Envelope
  • Photography
Genders Alvarez Web and Mobile Design

Responsive Website Design & Development

The firm's website was designed as a "responsive" site.  Responsive design allows the entire site design to change as screen sizes get smaller.  Desktops, Tablets and Phones all are delivered designs that are tailor made for their screens.

Genders Alvarez Logo Design

Logo/Business Card/Letterhead

A custom logo was designed by incorporating the initials of each partner's last name.  Once the logo was agreed upon, custom business cards on heavy card stock were created.  Each card features a spot varnish of the logo in the background that shimmers as the card catches the light.

Genders Alvarez Business Cards and Letterhead
Genders Alvarez Pocket Folders

Pocket Folder

The firm does many presentations with pocket folders. The custom pocket folder was designed to match the card design. It also features a spot varnish of the logo icon.

Sticky Pad, Greeting Card and Envelope

Custom sticky pads, greeting cards and greeting card envelopes were created.  The firm uses the sticky pads for inter-office notes and uses the greeting cards for notes to clients and partners.

Genders Alvarez Pads and Cards


Fourthdoor's photographer's are expert at shooting food. Food that makes you hungry for more. But Cafe Dufrain also requested both interior and exterior shots to demonstrate the unique ambiance of the waterfront dining experience in downtown Tampa.

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