The Project

Mike Gonzalez is an experienced criminal defense attorney that has been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1993. Mike was unhappy with his prior web presence, and engaged Fourthdoor to create a new brand identity and marketing materials.

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What We Created

  • Custom Logo, Letterhead, Envelope
  • Responsive , Parallax Website and Design and Development
  • Mobile App Design and Development
  • Custom Brochure
  • Ad Campaign
  • Photography
Mike G Law Web and Mobile Design

Responsive Website Design & Development

Mr. Gonzalez had very good video presentations of his services and qualifications. Fourthdoor took those videos and organized them in to a beautiful engaging design. Mike's desire was to speak directly to his potential clients as soon as they logged on to the site.

Mike G Law Logo Design


Mr. Gonzalez wanted an edgy/clean look for his branding and identity. He know he wanted reds and blacks to go with the dark background of his web videos. Fourthdoor took these notes and created a logo that played off of the G in his last name - and tied in with his web address -

Mike G Law Business Cards
Mike G Law Open, Outside of Brochure

Custom Brochure

Mike Gonzalez knows exactly who he mails his brochures to each day. After purchasing the list - he mails several hundred brochures out every day.

Mike's directive to Fourthdoor: "I want the best looking brochure in the mailbox. When my target audience receives this mail piece, I want them to know that I'm serious about defending them. Fourthdoor took the custom photos we shot of Mike, and blended them with his color scheme and a beautiful, hard to ignore design.

Mike G Law Open, Inside of Brochure
Mike G Law Front of Brochure

Magazine Ad Design

A clean print ad campaign was designed to market Mike G Law's new identity and well regarded practice. Photography from our custom photo shoot was used to create the ad.

Mike G Law Ads


Custom head shots were produced with large format camera and full lighting packages. Action shots were also produced for use in ad campaigns and on the website.

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